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Why use thermal deburring...

The Thermal Energy Method of deburring (TEM) is also known as explosive deburring or gas deburring. It is a unique process by which all potentially loose burrs, flash, swarf, whiskers, and unwanted particles are guaranteed to be completely removed from the component.

A gas/oxygen mixture surrounding the item is ignited with the resulting blast of heat and shock wave causing the metal burrs to oxidise. It's generally accepted that if it doesn't come off in our explosion it won't come off in service.

The benefits of a gaseous energy carrier is that it's not abrasive, and under pressure, it permeates every where, including the usually difficult hollows, blind holes and very small bores.

Thermal deburring is the only process that can guarantee total removal of all burrs and debris – especially in inaccessible areas – ensuring removal in safety critical areas. It is a repeatable and consistent, computer controlled process. There is no abrasive medium to degrade enabling consistency across the component, during the run and between batches.

ALL inaccessible potentially loose burrs and particles removed – guaranteed

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