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The Thermal Energy Method
(TEM) of deburring

The deburring process itself could not be more simple. The fuel gas and oxygen rich mixture surrounding and permeating the component is ignited. The blast lasts for around 20 milliseconds, during which time the temperature increases up to a maximum of 3,500 degrees celsius. Burrs - having a large surface area to mass ratio absorb the heat quickly - but are only able to dissipate the heat through their roots into the main bulk of the component. This causes their temperature to go beyond the ignition point of the material and they oxidise completely away.

The rest of the heat dissipates safely throughout the main bulk of the piece.

If required, any oxide deposited on the surface of the component, can be cleaned off with a wash.

However the parameters which control the fuel / oxygen mix; the heat generated; the maximum temperature; the resultant pressure and the duration are intensely complex. Achieving the optimum condition though, is possible. It is this computerized control of every factor that allows the process to be individually tailored for any component irrespective of material, size or complexity, and for the process to be precisely, and consistently repeatable.


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