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About us

Deburring Centre Ltd was formed in 1996 by two experienced TEM engineers who saw thermal deburring as ideally suited to a sub contract service. The company has, over the last 16 years, grown to become the foremost thermal deburring specialists and sub contractors in the UK. Their experience now covers a large number of industries, an extensive range of materials and a huge variation in components – size, types and complexities.

Consistent quality is a fundamental issue for the company and they achieved ISO 9001:2000 within their first two years.

Client satisfaction is high on their list. ITW Finishing UK have recognised this and have awarded them their 'Premier Supplier' status 5 years running.

Thermal deburring is a proven method (although not widely used or understood). Free sampling is offered to demonstrate TEM's exceptional deburring of parts. Samples are returned completely deburred, with a controlled analysis report, normally within a few days. Click HERE for more info.

We also provide FREE a series of reports, articles and information on thermal deburring.

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Unit 7 Warren Way, Holton Heath Trading Park, Poole, BH16 6NJ • 01202 627130 • fax: 01202 627131 • email

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